Cinema release: A King's Speech

Cinema release: A King's Speech

George VI, King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1936-1952), and Emperor of India (1936-1947) was not called to reign. But the marriage and abdication of his older brother Edward VIII brutally propelled him to the forefront on the eve of the Second World War. The film "The speech of a king"traces the true story of the father of the current Queen of England ...

The future George VI (played by Colin Firth) was a frail-looking man, afflicted with terrible stuttering and unable to express himself in public. This only hurt him until he was forced to become king, after the abdication of his brother Edward. To be respected, he must treat his disability with the help of a language therapist with unorthodox methods (Geoffrey Rush).

Especially since the hour is serious. A born orator, Adolf Hitler, multiplies the provocations. The British Empire needs to be galvanized by a firm and reassuring speech ... At a time when the radio boom requires politicians to be brilliant orators, it will succeed, with the help of its therapist, to go above and beyond to convince his people to go to war against Nazi Germany.

This film is a gem. A rarity of intelligence and sensitivity that offers a poignant reflection on surpassing oneself, the importance of words, the lack of love in childhood, human dignity. In this classic film but on a very rigorous script, the duo Colin Firth-Geoffrey Rush works wonders. Not to miss.

The speech of a king, by Tom Hooper, with Colin Firth, Geofrrey Rush. Currently in theaters.

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