War of the Thrones (France 5)

War of the Thrones (France 5)

In this documentary series broadcast on France 5, Bruno Solo traces the epic of the rival dynasties which have written the great history of Europe. From the Hundred Years' War to the dawn of the Renaissance, it recounts the power games, human ambitions and passions that shaped European nations.

From the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 16th century, powerful families competed for hegemony on the European continent, and the throne of France was at the heart of all covetousness. A struggle that is accomplished by arms, on the battlefields, but also in private: alliances and betrayals, marriages and adulteries, plots and murders ... Many intrigues have torn these legendary dynasties apart and shaped the kingdom of France. In this ruthless game of conquering power, anything goes, because whoever does not live with a halo of glory must perish in the shadows.

Through epic historical reenactments and storytelling by Bruno Solo, the four chapters of this series reveal how lust for power and rivalry shaped the map of Europe.

Episode 1: war is declared (1328-1364)

In 1328, on the death of the last Capetian king Charles IV, the throne of France was handed over to the Valois dynasty. But this angered the young English king Edward III, who considered himself the legitimate heir to the crown of France. This rivalry breaks out the longest and bloodiest war in European history: the Hundred Years' War.

Episode 2: the mad king and the virgin (1392-1453)

At 24 years old, the King of France Charles VI fell into madness. The throne of France is in danger! Burgundians and Armagnacs clash, the civil war rages and rekindles the lust of the King of England. The Hundred Years War begins again
more beautiful! But with the help of Jeanne, a 17-year-old girl from Domrémy, the Dauphin of France, future Charles VII, will not let the English take the throne from her.

Episode 3: the game of alliances (1461-1483)

Louis XI is a fine strategist. On the European chessboard, he is nicknamed the "universal spider" (spider) as he is a master in the art of weaving traps for his enemies. Hated, this Machiavellian king sees his throne threatened by two
formidable men: the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, and Edward IV of York, King of England.

Episode 4: The King and the Emperor (1515-1558)

At the start of the Renaissance, Charles V was on his way to becoming the most powerful man in Europe. Heir to the Kingdom of Spain, he also plans to wear the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. But Francis I, the
new king of France, also covets the imperial throne and intends to defend his Italian possessions. Wars, betrayals, imprisonment… anything goes.

The War of Thrones, the true story of Europe. From Friday, December 29 on France 5.

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