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Great inventions and discoveries

From the first flying wings to rockets reaching the moon, the inventions that revolutionized aeronautics.

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The Montgolfier brothers are at the origin of the invention of thehot air balloon, making history on June 4, 1783 by air in their hot air balloon. Nowadays, inflated by gas burners, the hot air balloon is used for sports and tourism purposes. Every first weekend in June, a myriad of hot air balloons soar proudly into the sky from Annonay in Ardèche, commemorating the first flight of an aerostat.

The invention of first plane is generally attributed to Clement Ader, French engineer and brilliant inventor. If he is considered one of the pioneers of aviation, he is far from being the only one to have contributed to the development of the plane, a machine which revolutionized the art of military as much as transport. civil. Alberto Santos Dumont, the Wright brothers or even Otto Lilienthal were among those who in a few years transformed a simple utopia into a breathtaking reality: man could finally defy nature and fly.

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